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Bracelets for men

Why Wollmar Ek?

When you buy our products, your satisfaction is our priority.
Here are some reasons why we are confident you will be delighted with your purchase.

  • Exclusively designed for men
  • Several choices to suit different personalities
  • Quality products for exceptional prices
  • Free, fast delivery

Genuine leather

We specialize in leather bracelets. All these are made from actual genuine leather, which not only gives that unique “feel” but is also important from the aspect of sustainability.


Bracelets come in five different sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Our leather bracelets have double function catches with both fastener and magnet for extra safety.

Latest additions

Our vision

We not only want to be an online store among many others offering bracelets for men, we also want to be a source of inspiration.
It is important for us that our customers be sure that when they order something from us then they get an affordable product that has a lasting value.

A cornerstone of our business is service. The experience from product selection to ordering and delivery should always work in the best way. We are always working to make everyone happy and that our brand Wollmar Ek should always be associated with great confidence.

Sustainability for the operation of the company and the development of products is achieved with high ambitions. We regularly evaluate our activities and make possible changes to achieve good durability in both operation and product development of men’s bracelets.

We regularly announce new products in our newsletter. The newsletter gives you inspiration and new look for your style.

Men’s bracelet in personal style

With us you will find bracelets in different designs primarily bracelets made of leather. We take care of product development and assembly of most men’s bracelets on the site. The fact that men and guys wear bracelets has become more obvious than before. There is always a bracelet available in every well-sorted wardrobe. Combining different models has become popular and increases the opportunity to express their personal style. Usually you combine a leather bracelet with a steel bracelet.

We hope you find a bracelet that is to your liking.

Bracelet a perfect gift

When you give away a chocolate box as a gift, it soon becomes a memory. But to get that bracelet then it becomes a permanent memory in addition it is a permanent memory. Jewelry today does not cost more than a fine box of chocolate. A bracelet is a personal gift which is always appreciated. When choosing a bracelet as a gift, there is a way to show how you appreciate and look at the recipient’s personality.

When you buy a bracelet from us you can choose gift wrapping when you arrive at the checkout.


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