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Jewelry for men

Welcome to Wollmar Ek. We offer stylish jewelry for men. There is always something here that is suitable to buy for yourself or give as a gift.

When you buy products from us, it is important to us that you are satisfied. Here are the reasons why you will be satisfied with your purchase

Exclusive design for men
Different choices for different personalities
Decent prices for good goods
Free and fast shipping
Free gift wrapping

Jewelry for men

Genuine leather

We have a wide selection of us on leather bracelets and leather necklaces. All bracelets and necklaces are in genuine genuine leather, which gives the right feeling and is also important from a durability point of view.

Anti allergic jewelry

Chain bracelets and necklaces are always made of anti-allergic material. Likewise, all the buckles for the leather bracelets and leather necklaces are made of anti-allergic material.

We offer 5 sizes for bracelets and 8 for necklaces. The leather bracelets and leather necklaces have locks with a double safety function, both track and magnet.

Popular bracelets

Our Vision

We not only want to be an online store among many others that offer bracelets to men, we also want to be a source of inspiration.
It is important for us that our customers are sure that when they order something from us, they get an affordable product that has a lasting value.

A cornerstone of our business is service. The experience from choosing a product to ordering and delivery must always work in the best way. We always work to ensure that everyone is satisfied and that our brand Wollmar Ek is always associated with great trust.

The sustainability of the company’s operation and production of products is high ambitions. We regularly evaluate our activities and make possible changes to achieve good durability in both operation and product development of jewelry for men.

Jewelry a perfect gift

When you give away a box of chocolates as a gift, it is soon just a memory. But getting a piece of jewelry becomes a lasting memory. Jewelry today costs no more than a nice box of chocolates. A piece of jewelry is a personal gift which is always appreciated. When you choose a piece of jewelery as a gift, it is a way to show how you appreciate and look at the recipient’s personality.

When you buy a piece of jewelery from us, nicely wrapped packaging is always included

We hope you find the bracelet you like.

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