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About Wollmar Ek

Wollmar Ek

Wollmar Ek is an old Swedish name that signifies tradition and stability. The name Wollmar means “The lord of the world” and the surname Ek was often given to soldiers. For our customers, Wollmar Ek guarantees the purchase of high-quality, long-lasting products that you can trust.


Products sold under the name Wollmar Ek are carefully selected.Our wide range means there is always something to fit your personal style.We sell leather bracelets in a choice of five different sizes to ensure a perfect fit that wears well and feels comfortable.Our metal bracelets are often worn alone but are also especially suitable as a complement to a leather bracelet. In this way the wearer can create many different combinations to emphasize their personal style.


As well as importing from the USA and Asia we have our own production line. The fact that we produce much of our range ourselves means that we can offer unique products in lower volumes at no extra cost. It also greatly enhances our control over quality assurance.


Material selection is extremely important to us. Our leather bracelets are always crafted in genuine leather, which creates a unique “feeling” and means that they take on the contours of your wrist. We have also chosen to use stainless steel catches on our leather bracelets. These catches are more secure and wear better than surface treated so-called plated locks.


By carefully reviewing and evaluating everything we do and how it affects the environment we have taken steps to achieve the highest level of sustainability possible. In addition we have engaged the help of Pure Act, a leading expert in sustainability accounting, for advice and guidelines on our company’s sustainability efforts.

Our company

Wollmar Ek/
Corius Group AB
Drottningholm Sverige
Lovö-Berga, 17893 Drottningholm


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