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Chains for necklaces and bracelets are available in different designs, the chain that goes by the name Cuban originates from Miami where many immigrant Cubans wore this model of chain. Now the model is spread in large parts of the world and has become very popular for both necklaces and chain bracelets.

The Cuban-influenced model has become a hallmark of the hi-hop movement. In everyday pine, we call it an armor link and are available in many different designs with a similar basic design.

We often use the term armor link instead of Cuban link and consequently we also say armor necklace and armor bracelet but mean the same thing. Further names are necklaces and chain bracelets, respectively.

The material in the necklaces and chain bracelets is of high quality so-called surgical stainless steel which has the designation 316L. The advantage of this is that it is durable and has an appealing lasting shine and that it is anti-allergic.


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