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Lock function for the leather bracelets

The most important thing about a bracelet is its locking function, which is why we at Wollmar Ek have made sure that we have a lock that meets high demands on being functional and at the same time appealing.

To ensure that the lock does not loosen and that you risk losing the bracelet, we have dual mechanisms.

The locks are equipped with both magnet and groove. The magnet holds the locking device together and the groove prevents the locking parts from being pulled apart.

The locking mechanism is made of solid stainless steel which retains its luster and does not oxidize. We have chosen to avoid plated metal, which means that you have a thin layer of metal on top of another metal. For prolonged use, the plated metal can cause wear and tear.

The design of the locking device differs a little depending on the thickness of the bracelet the thin bracelets 4 and 5 mm have a magnet and a simple groove,

For all men’s leather bracelets that are 6 mm, there are double magnets and double grooves.

Leather bracelets with a thickness of 8 mm are equipped with a powerful magnet and simple groove. This lock is slightly tapered out from the center to get an appealing appearance despite its thickness.

When you have a leather bracelet from us you can be sure not to lose it.

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Loch function for the leather bracelets
Leather Bracelets lock function


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