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The metal that the metal bracelets are made of is 316L stainless steel. Stainless steel is available in many different compositions (alloys). Stainless steel 316L contains carbon, chromium and nickel, among others, and is also called surgical steel.

The nickel content is 10-14% and is strongly bound to the metal. What is emitted is less than 0.1 millionth of a gram of nickel per square centimeter per week. This is a very low content and well below the value stated in the EU directive where the limit value is 0.5 millionth of a gram per square centimeter per week. So if you are a nickel allergy then it will go well.

The metal bracelets are often PVD plated which is a technique for creating different colors with a thin layer of a metal.

Metal Jewelry

Affordable steel bracelets

Steel bracelets in stainless steel and are often plated to produce different colors. The most commonly plated colors are gold silver and rose and titanium. Rose is like light copper and titanium black.

The cladding is so-called PVD cladding which gives a durable surface. A plated bracelet in the color silver or gold cannot be separated from the real silver and gold with the naked eye.
Steel bracelets are durable and durable and feel just as luxurious as real silver or gold.
For those who want a stylish and sturdy bracelet that does not cost that much, a steel bracelet is a good choice also it can be stored without thinking of anything special as it is not so sensitive. To all metal bracelets

Steel bracelet for men


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