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Leather bracelet for men

All leather bracelets are equipped with quality locks with double security, both track and magnetic function.
The lock is anti-allergic in surgical steel 316L

Leather Bracelet for men

Leather bracelets are what most men choose to wear. A leather bracelet enhances the personality and gives a mature impression.
Leather bracelets are available in many designs where structure color and size can be selected based on personal taste. Leather bracelets can be worn to different styles, suitable both for a more relaxed style and for an elegant.
Our leather bracelets for men are produced in Sweden and are of high quality.

Genuine leather bracelets

We have chosen to always use genuine leather in our bracelets. Many bracelets on the market are synthetic and do not give the comfortable feeling that genuine leather makes.
When you wear a leather bracelet you avoid problems with nickel allergy. Leather bracelets are also compliant and adapt to the wrist shape. Flat bracelets that have a large contact surface can be experienced as hot and the skin can give off some moisture but with round bracelets you avoid the problem when the contact surface is small.
Bracelets made of leather are also advantageously worn

A perfect fit for your leather bracelet

Our standard sizes are S:18 cm, M:19.5 cm, L:21 cm, XL:22 cm, XXL:23 cm. See respective products.
A leather bracelet is usually worn slightly loose and free on the wrist. Here’s how to ensure you order the right size.

  1. Measure tightly around the wrist.
  2. Add 1.5 cm – 2 cm

If still unsure, take a string or cord and wrap it around the wrist at a tightness that feels comfortable, then measure the string. For more information on sizes see our size guiden.

Our models

Our models are available in different designs depending on thickness and color as well as whether they are single or double turns.
Bracelets in one lap are available in 5 mm and 6 mm and 8 mm.
The double turns are available in 4 mm


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