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Steel bracelet for men

Anti-allergic steel bracelet in surgical steel 316L

Metal Bracelet for men

Metal bracelets are trendy and worn by men of all different ages. A metal bracelet gives a distinct masculine impression and enhances personal style. Metal bracelets are available in different designs and we have a selection of the most popular and striking steel bracelets to suit those who want to make a stylish impression. Our selected steel bracelets are well suited for those who want to combine with a leather bracelets

Steel bracelets in quality steel

Our steel bracelets are made of high-quality steel and can be plated in different colors such as gold, silver or black. We use only quality 316L steel for our bracelets and our PVD plating is considered the best for jewelry as it is more resistant to corrosion from sweat and longer lasting.

A perfect fit for your metal bracelet

For our models, which are so-called “Open Cuff”, the size is adjustable for wrists from 16 cm to 22 cm. Dimensions are available for each bracelet.
For more information on sizes see oursize guiden

Steel bracelet with engraving

If you want to give a steel bracelet with your own engraving, you can bring the bracelet to a goldsmith and get it made for a cheap money.
All of our metal bracelets have the brand Wollmar Ek engraved on one side so there is plenty of room for our own engraving.


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