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Leather bracelets size

Leather bracelets are advantageously worn loose and free.
Measure tight round wrist and then put on
1.5 cm – 2 cm

Feel free to try with a leash for the right feeling

We have the following sizes of leather bracelets:
S 18cm, M 19.5 cm, L 21 cm, XL 22 cm
XXL 23 cm

Measure the size of the leather bracelet

Cuff type metal bracelet (cuff)

These bracelets are usually worn tight around the wrist.
Our bracelets have a diameter of 63 mm -65 mm for this equivalent wrist of about 19.5 cm.

The size can easily be changed by adjusting the opening according to the picture.

The bracelet fits a wrist with circumference:
17 cm – 23 cm

Adjust the size


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