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There is an endless opportunity to combine different bracelets.
One alternative is to wear different leather bracelets, another is to have several metal bracelets or a combination of leather and metal.
It is only your personal style that decides what to combine.

Here we have put together different combinations of leather bracelets and metal bracelets that we hope will inspire you.
The variations are based on material colors and sizes.

Feel free to send us a photo if you want to inspire others with your chosen combination. You can also suggest different options and we will post them so others can take part in it.

The demand for men’s bracelets has increased significantly in recent times and we at Wollmar Ek are happy to contribute with suitable products.

Combination leather and metal
Combination of thin leather and metal
Examples of some bracelet combinations

Alternative 1

Nature red and slim gold

Alternative 2

Genuine navy and Elegant rose


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