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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at Wollmar Ek are careful about your personal privacy. Here is information on how we protect your personal information.

Personal data and its processing

Information associated with a now living person is personal information whether directly or indirectly & nbsp; connected to a natural person.
Processing of personal data is all that happens with the personal data collected. Processing of personal data can be done manually or automatically and may for example be registration, collection, storage, deletion, structuring, transfer, etc.

What we & nbsp; collects and how

When you visit or otherwise integrate with us, we collect the following:
Delivery Information
E-mail address
IP number
We process information about the products you buy, added to the cart or clicked on. Purchase history, purchase patterns and your preferences as a customer with us, as well as language setting IP address, geographical information or other data we received when you were on
The information provided in connection with payment handles & nbsp; of our payment solutions these are Nordea and Klarna

We collect personal information in order to

Process orders and returns.
Send notification of delivery status via email or SMS.
Execute agreements with third parties, Freight Forwarder (PostNord, Schenker).
Communicate with you about questions & problems & nbsp; in connection with your purchase
To be able to deliver a personalized experience of our services.
To be able to customize the website according to your behavior and preferences.
To follow the law accounting.
Prevent abuse or inappropriate use of our services.

The legal bases

Your personal information is required for us to fulfill our obligations under the purchase agreement. We cannot complete the purchase unless personal information is provided. Collection of personal data is required by law and without these the purchase cannot be carried out.
Statutory storage requirements such as accounting rules mean that we are obliged to keep the information for seven years. Other legitimate reasons why data must be saved are e.g. unregulated debt.

External Personal Information

Sometimes we need to collect personal data from someone else. Third Party. These are information on creditworthiness from credit rating agencies, banks, etc. and information from public address registers if we are unsure of the address

Consent to use email address

When purchasing, you can authorize Wolldmar Ek to use the email address for marketing via email (newsletter) or on Facebook and Instagram for the features that these media channels offer for marketing. The personal data is saved to the customer, refusing to participate. To thank you no, contact us via e-mail

Registry excerpt and correction

The customer can request information about personal data available at Wollmar Ek. Errors in personal data can be corrected.
Contact us via e-mail

We may share your personal information with

In some cases, we must share personal information with personal data assistant to perform our services.
We only share personal information with personal data assistants only when necessary to fulfill our obligations.
A personal data assistant is a company that processes the information on our behalf and according to our instructions.
We review & nbsp; personal data assistants to ensure sufficient guarantees regarding the security and confidentiality of personal data exist.

The personal data assistants we cooperate with are those who handle payment solutions banks, card acquirers, etc., Technical services such as IT services, technical support, operations etc. Logistics carrier & nbsp; forwarders. Social media marketing, advertising agencies, etc.

Companies that are independently responsible for personal data are responsible for personal data management themselves. The fact that the company is independently responsible for personal data means that it is not us who decides or is responsible for how the information provided to the company is processed.


We and our suppliers and partners only process your personal data in the EU / EEA.

How long do we store your personal information?

We comply with applicable laws and regulations, practices or governmental decisions. We will never process your personal data for longer than is permitted.
The personal data is processed and stored in our IT system
You can have your personal data deleted by contacting us at

Cookie use

We use cookies to make the experience on the page as relevant as possible. A cookie is a small text file that is stored for a specified time on the visitor’s computer. When visiting the website you can choose to accept cookies or not. For example, we use cookies for Google’s analytics services.

We are responsible for the personal data collected

Wollmar Oak special company name
Corius Group AB 556543-8552
Lovö – Berga 6, 178 93 Drottningholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 70 54 28 29


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