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From the Stone Age you wore bracelets and since then it has existed throughout history.

It is preferably wealthy men and women who wore bracelets such as in ancient Egypt. The bracelets were a way of showing the associated rank.

Early jewelry was of bronze and gold. Silver bracelets came only after the Bronze Age when silver is a later innovation.

In addition to wearing bracelets for displayed status, bracelets have been used as a means of payment in some cultures.

When the bracelet watch made its entrance, it became a way for men to wear a piece of jewelry. The first wristwatch came in the early 19th century. They broke through during the First World War when there was a need to keep track of time to coordinate military operations.

In connection with the mobile phones entrance, the need for bracelet watches decreased and was replaced with different forms of bracelets. However, the watches have recently received a boost and are often worn together with a bracelet. Bracelets for men have become very popular lately.

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Steel bracelet

Nowadays one can see a growing trend in the popularity of leather bracelets. Steel bracelets have also become popular, one of the reasons may be that the price is lower than on gold and silver although the appearance is the same.

Throughout history, the design of jewelry has had different looks in different cultures. Jewelry has a long lasting appearance and changes slowly over time.

Bracelets for men have also been used by the Romans as a reward. In addition to decoration, bracelets have also been used as protection in combat in the form of wide helical bracelets.

If you are interested in immersing yourself in the history of jewelery, you can visit the Nordic Museum Add block


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