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Leather qualities

By leather is meant an animal skin that has been treated to be permanent and not rotten and to retain its tense and natural strength. The treatment is called tanning
The leather used is from cowhides in virtually every case.

The inside and outside of the cowhide have different properties. The side that is outwards where hair was found is called the Narf side and the leather is called Narv leather. It is this leather that is used for bracelets for almost 100%. If you divide the leather into several layers, it is called layers that are opposite to the hair side for Splat leather.

If you work the scar side by grinding, you get something called nubuch and which is similar to mocha. To get the right suede, you work the inside of the cowhide.

The character of the leather bracelets is obtained partly how the leather has been treated but also how it is braided. Some bracelets are heavily braided and then become stiffer, but all bracelets become a little softer over time. If you want a leather bracelet that is more compliant then you should choose a loose braid.

solid lader

Take care of leather

All jewelry needs to be taken care of in order to maintain its original condition.
Leather bracelets should not be exposed to water or moisture. You should not shower with the bracelet or wear it during exercise. Should you accidentally soak the bracelet, you should remove it and let it dry where it is dry and airy.
Removing the bracelet when you sleep is good so any moisture can evaporate and you also avoid damaging it when you sleep.

To prevent leather bracelets from absorbing moisture, it is good if it is loose and free to avoid great contact with the skin. Round bracelets have less contact with the skin than flat, so from that point of view round is preferred.

If your bracelet bracelet has become dirty then take a dry cloth and wipe it off if it does not help dampen the cloth a bit then leave the bracelet to dry. A small brush can be used where it is difficult to access.
To all leather bracelets

Take care of leather


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