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Not just Aesthetic

A bracelet is not only an aesthetic accessory, it is also something that evokes emotions. If in any context you see a leather bracelet that you recognize and like someone you know, you will be reminded of this person even if you have not met the person for a long time

We regularly develop new models of bracelets to accommodate different people’s ability to express their own style.

Fashion changes over time, but a properly selected leather bracelet is timeless and can bring joy for many years.

With us at Wollmar Oak you can find unique leather bracelets of different thickness and size. We have many colors to choose from and currently five different sizes. The thickness is from 4mm to 8mm.

Our leather bracelets are primarily designed to appeal to men in the Scandinavian market.

Not just Aesthetic

Personal style

It’s not just trends that affect the style you choose, it’s also how you are. The style you have expresses our innermost thoughts.

The jewelry you wear says a lot about your personality and how you want to be perceived.
In the quest to express one’s own style, one can discover qualities in oneself.

When buying a piece of jewelry, satisfaction is the decisive factor, which is why it is important to have high quality and good service when purchasing.

Wollmar Oak is the right place to be if you are looking for something new especially when it comes to leather bracelets.

Personal style


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